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iStatSystem is a stats gathering system for different sports ,that uses an iPad to take precise in-game statistics and automatically compiles them on a website. The App and website interact and let the user personalize the iPad application with the name of the teams and players. The dynamic duo "App/Website" also let you see all the stats taken from the iPad and more ,it also lets you see in a more visual graphic way all the info. The synergy between the App and website lets you analyze and process the stats taken live in a game in multiples ways . With the website it's easier and maximizes the work of the iPad App.

The coach can also create read only login for all his 3 teams with a personal membership . Each team will get a login and password so that athletes can go online and look at their stats. No more typing and printing stats after each game !
The iSS-Volleyball app, in harmony with the Sync/Storage website give the coach the power to take precise stats and tendencies from his team, and then bring solution in training and that at any level of coaching.

With the iSS-Volleyball volleyball iPad app you will be able to take basics stats like hitting, blocking, passing, serving, defense and setter's efficiency. You can also take those stats and separate them by location on the court or tactical choices.

Every coach's dream of having precise stats of his players (or opponents) in critical moment in a match. What powerful information to have to know who is the best passer or who has the best hitting percentage in a crunch time moment!

The iSS-Volleyball App gives you the liberty to take this information and let the coach decide when is a crunch time moment in his game.
The App and iStatSytem website were design by experiences coaches from different backgrounds, with the objective of optimizing the quality of interventions with players and save time doing it!
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